Sunday, June 22, 2014

Promoting free internet marketing club at Detroit College written by: Henry Jones Jr.

Promoting free internet marketing club at Detroit College

Global economic hardships and intense competition leaves most graduates and former employees living miserable lives. Consequentially, most of us head for business ventures in order to make an edge for ourselves. Furthermore innovations in information technology have greatly changed the face of the business world. It requires every business person seeking an edge in the market to be actively involved in online marketing. Luckily for people with easy access to Wayne County in Michigan, the free internet marketing club at Detroit College offers a priceless opportunity to you. The club offers free internet marketing seminars to all business persons with an aim of improving online business strategies. Therefore if you are a seasoned business person or a new proprietor, the club is the best place for you to gain insight on latest online marketing innovations and also associate with fellow business persons.

Seminar organizers and activities

Mark Maupin and Chris Wechner form a joint team that addresses the interactive questions from the members and offer their insight on new innovations in the field of online marketing. The highly interactive sessions are tailored to suit the specific needs of the attendants hence their modes of presentation vary accordingly. In order to ensure the optimal benefit of the attendants, the team also invites guest hosts on some occasions that bring with them a national outlook of the seminar. Some of the main activities in the meetings include asking and responding to questions, demonstration of the techniques taught, indicating relevant and latest examples, and conducting critiques on audience websites. 

Time and venue of the seminars

The seminars are mainly named Internet Marketing for Business Interactive Q&A. They are scheduled on every second Thursday of every month between four and six o’clock in the evening. The time of schedule is placed in the evening hours to ensure that minimal business time is spent in the seminars. The usual meeting venue is at the Eastern Campus of Wayne County Community College District in 5901 Conner Street, Detroit MI 48213. The meeting room that is mostly used is the Cooper Room although it could change according to the schedules within the college. 

Why should you attend the seminars?

The free internet marketing club at Detroit College therefore takes this opportunity to invite you for Wayne County Internet Marketing Seminars. Regardless of the fact that business schools are constantly increasing fees for business courses, the seminars offer you an opportunity to remain at the top of your game in the modern internet marketing methods. Unlike most of the clubs similar to ours, we offer the interactive sessions free of charge. Furthermore, the entry qualifications are free. This means that you could attend as a fresh business person and get to learn in the midst of experienced business persons. The seminars also offer you a chance to learn new business opportunities available online. The critique on the audience’s websites enables the attendants to ensure tat their websites are always updated and competitive. More information about the club and the seminars are readily accessible on our websites at and 

If you are available to access the Detroit College, then you have an opportunity to enhance your internet marketing skills at absolutely no cost.

You’re Host: Ralph Marcus Maupin (Mark)
Phone # (248) 939-6232
Contact email:
Q & A 4-6 pm
Featured Speaker 6-8 pm
When is Event Date:
2nd Thursday each Month
What is Event Start Time:
4:00 PM
What is Event End Time:
8:00 PM

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